11 August 2017

I don't like...

For my second project at Country View Crafts Challenges for the theme of Blue and Green I made a journal page. Please pop over and read more here!

8 August 2017

We are a normal family

I have more experiments in my Creative Dyary and my latest is featured on the Country View Crafts Project Blog. I'd be thrilled if you popped over to see how I made it.

1 August 2017

Never too proud

For my first project at Country View Crafts Challenges for the new month's theme of Blue and Green I made a page in my Dylusions Creative Dyary.
I covered the page in white paint and added a large numbers stencil and Dylusions Ink. The tag is also coloured with Dylusions Ink and the stamps follow through to the background page. 
Thank you, as always, for popping by. I hope you'll join in with us this month.

24 July 2017

Follow Your Heart

I am honoured to have a new project featured on the Country View Crafts Projects blog today. Please pop over and see how it was made.

23 July 2017

Use Your Wings

I have a new project featured at Country View Crafts Challenges on the theme of Things with Wings. For a few more photos - please pop over and see it here! If you'd like to join in this month's competition, please join in here.

6 July 2017

I need cake

I was sure I was right that the hat would fit on the chap on Elena's new stamp set.
Please pop over to today's Country View Crafts Projects blog to see if I was right!

1 July 2017

Things with Wings

Can you believe it? It's July already! The new month brings a new challenge at Country View Crafts Challenges and it's... Things with Wings.
For my first project I altered a page in my Creative Dyary. It was one of those pages with a preprinted image on and, although it's a cool image, I wanted it to be part of the background. Using very thin layers of Snowflake, Beach Hut and Limelight paint I gave the page a facelift and then added stamped images on top (including a bird for he is a winged thing!) Then I took my pencils and added colours - lots of blues, yellows, oranges, pinks and purples as well as some washy tape and highlights of Snowflake.
I hope you like my page and you join in with us this month - you may win a prize!
(If you're wondering what she loved - my daughter fell in love with Manchester Metropolitan University at its open day last week)

30 June 2017

Rainbow Sprinkle

I am LOVING these new stamps from Elenazinski and this chap begged to made into a rainbow! For how I made this tag, please pop over to the Country View Crafts Projects blog. Thank you!

25 June 2017

Love Heart

For my second project for this month's Heart theme at Country View Crafts Challenges I have made a page in my Dylusions Dyary. The heart is a Wendy Vecchi stencil (with PaperArtsy paints on black card) so I added some of my favourite leaf and flower stamps from Wendy too. I added a Dylusions stencils in the background and some washi tape. Pop over here to see it!

1 June 2017

With Love

The months are whizzing by and already it's June and time for another new theme at Country View Crafts Challenges. This month the theme is Hearts. For my submission I painted an MDF plaque and 'bumped' some hearts in the background. I covered an Art Part heart in red ink and then layered clear embossing powder on top (I made three layers) and over heated it slightly to create pits and a bloom on the finish (I like that mottled look!). In the pits I rubbed gold paint to add highlights. I very much hope you'll join in with us this month!

21 May 2017

Happiness blooms from within

This month's challenge at Country View Crafts Challenges is Flower Power and for my second piece I made a page in my journal. For a little more information, do pop over to the blog. Thank you.

2 May 2017

Creative Dyary - April

I have been remiss in not sharing my weekly pages in my Creative Dyary - perhaps aiming to share them monthly may be a little more achievable that weekly! So this is April:
Week commencing 3 April
This was one of the preprinted pages which meant I got to spend the week colouring it in whilst fitting in acting as the children's chauffeur!
Week commencing 10 April
Got to have an April Shower's inspired page...! I bought the raindrop stencil especially fro the show at Ally Pally! How did I not have one in my stash?!
Week commencing 17 April
My birthday week so a birthday inspired page! 
Week commencing 24 April
Love this chap standing next to the huge flower - I can't decide if he's sheltering, waiting for someone or hoping he'll grow as big as it one day!

1 May 2017

Flower Power

Happy May Day! The Country View Crafts Challenge for May is Flower Power. This wall hanging combines the rust challenge of last month with the flowers of this month to create a bird cage. It been ages since I last did any die cutting and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed sending a piece of card though my machine only to see it turn into leaves or flowers at the other end!
The cage is a wooden blank that I 'rusted' with paint (just as I described here). I die cut the flowers, leaves and bird and added Ideaology that I altered with paint and alcohol inks. It looks fabulous on the wall in my studio!
I hope you will join in with us this month - you might win a fab prize!

26 April 2017

A little birdie

I am thrilled to be featured on the Country View Crafts Projects blog. Today it's a page in my small Dylusions Journal.

12 April 2017

Cover Art

I am thrilled to have a project featured on the Country View Crafts Project blog today. Please pop over to see how it was made.

5 April 2017

Rusty Things

The theme at Country View Crafts Challenges is 'Rust' and I made a rusty looking tag. 
I covered a small tag in metal tape and then embossed the tag with a Texture Fade.
I started the rusting process by covering the tag with Little Black Dress Fresco paint by putting a small amount of paint on some Cut and Dry foam and tapping the foam on the tag. I didn't want a smooth surface as rusty surfaces are anything but smooth so tapping works best for me! 
I then built up several layers using Mocha Mousse, Chutney and Smoked Paprika. I probably made a total of about 30 layers building up the colours and trying to ensure a random spread of colour. I added a little black in the odd place here and there as I was building the layers to keep the overall effect non-uniform.
Then I added some Copper Treasure Gold on the tag and added more paint on top to 'knock' the Treasure Gold backwards.
On the accents (the house, bird and large flower) I used the same techniques as above but added a little Captain Peacock to the edges so they stood out against the tag. It's really an opportunity to experiment and if you don't like the effect you can cover it up and start again! My only advice would be to try and be random in your application of the paint as a rusty object in real life is not uniformly rusty.
I hope you find your inner rustiness and join in with us this month!

3 April 2017

My Dyary Cover

I wanted to take a while before decorating the cover of my Dyary because I wanted to get a sense of its style. Every journal has its own heart don't you think?! So this weekend I decided to be brave and put paint to cardboard!
The front and back have the same treatment with the same paint colours, stencils and stamps used. The cover has a debossed box and so I scraped the paint that covered the debossed shape. I might draw in the shape with a paint pen at some point in the future... not decided yet!
On the front I added a tag with the dictionary definition of 'journal'. A close up is here:
The back cover shows 'the end' and I didn't like the what I'd done to the head of the chap so replaced it with a skull thinking that pretty accurately represents another end!
I know that this cover is about 95% finished - once I get a paint pen in my hand and a spare five minutes I'm sure I'll add some doodling! As the dyary will last until December I wanted to leave something for later in the year! 
Thank you, as always, for popping by!

2 April 2017

Dyary - Week Commencing 27 March

I am really enjoy my Dyary - as much as for keeping a record of a snippet of each day as for taking the opportunity to really mix up the stash in my Studio. I loved the background of this page so made a complementary tag and added Wendy's tulip. Next week's page is one of the pre-printed pages so I'm off to do some colouring in!